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Year Name Team 401 Doubles Cricket 301 Doubles 501 Cricket Total Win/Loss Total AVG Bonus Points All-Star Points Total Pts YTD All-Star PPG Singles Games Singles Wins Singles AVG
2018Bill GrayNA Knights of Columbus11-73-88-109-71-032-320.50260019134513 3037200.54
2017Bill GrayO'Neill's 213-713-67-812-60-145-280.62325028466096 3936200.56
2016Bill GrayCity Lounge10-810-88-99-82-039-330.54295014694419 2037200.54
2015Bill GrayCity Lounge13-69-1011-58-110-041-320.56325027065956 3735240.69
ALL47-2835-3234-3238-323-1157-1250.5612050893420984 32145840.58