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Year Name Team 401 Doubles Cricket 301 Doubles 501 Cricket Total Win/Loss Total AVG Bonus Points All-Star Points Total Pts YTD All-Star PPG Singles Games Singles Wins Singles AVG
2018Jeffrey BenevidesNA Knights of Columbus6-910-107-69-60-332-340.49225011863436 1831130.42
2017Jeffrey BenevidesO'Neill's 24-97-110-107-63-921-450.3214007742174 123570.20
2016Jeffrey BenevidesCity Lounge0-19-128-109-125-1631-510.38220012713471 1640130.33
2015Jeffrey BenevidesCity Lounge2-37-35-77-93-1024-320.4317005562256 1030100.33
ALL12-2233-3620-3332-3311-38108-1620.407550378711337 14136430.32